FAM-106 The Family Swap by Edward Mitchell (EB)


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The veal parmigiana had the cheesiest of sauces, the spinach salad the right touch of garlic, and the Chianti was of a fine vintage. Now as Betsy and Wally hailed a cab outside the restaurant enroute to their wharfside hotel, Betsy longed to stretch out on their king-sized bed and sleep off this heavy meal. After a full course such as this, she hated to walk or carry on a conversation, and even sitting up put too much strain on her bloated body. On this, the third night of their San Francisco honeymoon, Betsy accredited her husband with enough sensitivity to see that she was in no mood for playing bride and groom.

In the cab Wally slung his arm around the tattered seat and hugged his wife close to him, his nose twitching at the sweet scent of her perfume. "Think I'll have you for dessert," mumbled the dentist with an inebriated grin—then belched.

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  • Added on: Friday 03 July, 2020

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