PB-40405 High-Flying Stew by Harriet Sommers (EB)


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Evelyn Jeffers, known as Eva, from Minneapolis, Minnesota was a striking, small girl with an hour glass figure with that kind of straight, black hair one usually sees only on an Oriental and flaming blue eyes peering out of a very white face. She was twenty years old and currently had an apartment in New York City. Eva was an airline stewardess, sometimes serving domestic flights, sometimes serving overseas flights... Which ever type of flight it happened to be, Eva liked it and found much excitement on board the plane, among the crew and the list of passengers... This young girl had a hot little box and she liked, quite frankly, a bit of flight snatch... Her own!

And, of course, for a pretty young face with a magnificent mane of long black hair and a slender, petite, curvy little figure to go with it, the possibilities, as far as men were concerned, were infinite.
PB-40405 High-Flying Stew by Harriet Sommers (EB)Click image to enlarge


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