WH-132 Pussy Incest by Pete Cherney [ILLUSTRATED] (EB)


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Sharon Thomas was the only girl on the Melrose High School cheerleading squad who was still a virgin-and very likely the only good-looking girl in the whole senior class who still hadn't been fucked. Which is not to say she didn't have plenty of opportunity. Very few guys could claim they didn't get a throbbing hard-on when they saw Sharon swishing her ass on the football field during the half-time show-tossing up her mini-skirt until you could get a perfect view of the skintight panties shielding her golden twat or jiggling her tits until you thought they were going to burst right out of that maroon sweater. But as much as a guy might have wanted to bury his hot meat between those tempting thighs and pound until he couldn't come any more, Sharon remained untouched. With her long blonde hair flying all over her beautiful face and her ripe young body putting on a show that was better than the football game, she teased but never came across.
WH-132 Pussy Incest by Pete Cherney [ILLUSTRATED] (EB)Click image to enlarge


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