LLP-161 A Mother's Love by Peter Jensen


Liverpool Library Press: LLP-161
1969 : Original Cover Price: $1.95
First Line(s)

Waiting in the visitors' area at Gate 30 of the San Francisco International Airport, Randi Malone smoothed her tight white skirt down on her slim, tapered legs carefully and patted her blonde hair in a discomfited way. She was conscious of the short, fat, balding man sitting opposite her, briefcase covering his wide lap, staring at her with hot, hungry eyes; she knew exactly what he was thinking, what was probably happening to him beneath that briefcase, and the knowledge filled her with a kind of revulsion. She was aware that her body, even at thirty-five, was that of a young girl in her late teens-breasts high and firm and proud, a perfect 36C; belly flat, narrow, sloping faultlessly into the gentle pubic mound, with only the tiniest hint of striations from her single childbirth; legs long and perfectly formed and downy soft; buttocks tightly globular, undulating promisingly when she walked despite her efforts to the contrary-but she wished sometimes that she had run to fat men like some of her like-aged friends.

G Condition
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