Super Taboo (MANGA) : 9 Issues by Wolf Ogami [Eros 1995/96]


Super Taboo : 9 Issues

Super Taboo : Nine Issues
by Wolf Ogami
Published by Eros Comix - Mangerotica

Here's what you get...

1. Issue #1 Super Taboo - Dec 1995

2. Issue #2 White Xmas - Jan 1996
3. Issue #3 Teacher's Pet - Feb 1996
4. Issue #7 Good Neighbors - June 1996
5. Issue #8 - July 1996
6. Issue #9 A Family Decision - Aug 1996
7. Issue #10 The Final Showdown - Sept 1996
8. Issue #11 - Oct 1996
9. Issue #12 Riddle Me, Diddle Me - Oct 1996

Additional Information and/or Synopsis:

Nineteen-year-old Yuu Sakugami has been raised by his father, who died just before Yuu graduated high school. Choosing to attend a university close to where his gorgeous mother Masako and eighteen-year-old sister Eri lives, he moves in with them. Unfortunately, Yuu has a bit of a split personality and when confronted with tempting situations of the flesh, reason and logic are shot to pieces and his bad side wins out.

Wolf Ogami’s very adult black-and-white continuing and controversial saga is beautifully drawn and inked. What would normally be considered a smut comic comes out very well paced and artistically appealing. Definitely not for anyone offended by sexual situations or language, let alone under eighteen.

Most appear to be around NF+/FINE- Conditions
Super Taboo (MANGA) : 9 Issues by Wolf Ogami [Eros 1995/96]Click image to enlarge
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