Misty Girl Extreme (MANGA) : #1-4 COMPLETE + Bonus by Toshiki Yui [Eros 1997]


Misty Girl Extreme : #1-4 & Bonus

Misty Girl Extreme : #1-4 + Bonus
by Toshiki Yui
Published by Eros Comix - Mangerotica

Here's what you get...

1. Issue #1 - Nov 1997

2. Issue #2 - Feb 1997
3. Issue #3 - Mar 1997
4. Issue #4 - Apr 1997
& Bonus...
5. Misty Girl Extreme - Special : May 1997

Additional Information and/or Synopsis:
Step into the fantasy world of Toshiki Yui’s Misty Girl. The creator of the Japanese manga classic Hot Trails thrusts us into a world of sexual fantasy, with each story centered around a strong woman character who has to overcome powerful sexual ordeals. A sample of what to expect inside:

— Three school girls fall into a romantic tryst… taking the virginity of one of them, while one of the others is carrying a special surprise in her panties!

— In Jipang, a world where giant turnips float in the air, a woman tries to pick her friend up at the airport, only to be sexually mauled by a robot cop.

— In an attempt to soothe her raging lust, a woman summons a demon from hell to have sex with. After an orgy of sexual delights she finds out that even a demon fro hell is not enough to satisfy her.

All appear to be NF+/FINE- Conditions
Misty Girl Extreme (MANGA)  : #1-4 COMPLETE + Bonus by Toshiki Yui [Eros 1997]Click image to enlarge
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