NK-750 Dear Diary by Barbara Bosman


New Keyhole Series: NK-750
1969 : Original Cover Price: $1.95
First Line(s)

April 14, 1861. Dear Diary: Now, as I start this first page I make the promise—cross my heart and hope to die—that this time I won't give up the way I always did before when I tried to keep a diary. "Always finish what you start," is my new motto. And I also promise that I won't keep any secrets from you. There's a place behind my bureau where I can hide you, and that way I won't be afraid to tell you everything. Absolutely everything!

You will be my very closest friend that I can confide in. Because now I really need such a friend. It seems like all of a sudden since I started to become a woman that I am completely alone in the world. When my bosoms began to grow a few months ago everyone started treating me differently. I mean they all are always looking at me now, watching me all the time. And since I had my first woman's curse last month it is even worse. Especially Papa. He won't give me a ride on his shoulders anymore, and whenever I try to rastle with him now he makes me stop after a minute.

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