LB-1345 Panties Down Schoolgirl by John Kellerman


LB Series: LB-1345
1987 : Original Cover Price: $4.95
First Line(s)

Mary spun the channel selector until it stopped on four. Wrestling. Pretty awful, but she wasn't in the mood for anything else. Picking up her glass, she noticed there was only one small ice cube left and not a hell of a lot of scotch. With a bored sigh, she wandered barefoot across the thick carpet and into the kitchen. Flicking on the light, she noticed that her dad's scotch had a pretty good dent in it, but she sloshed some more in her glass and dug another cube from the freezer.

"That's better," she sighed, after a long swallow. She swayed back into the front room and squinted at the TV screen with a frown. A sweaty wrestler was flexing his muscles and leering at the camera. He was a little grotesque, but not bad looking. Mary focused on his crotch. The lump there looked interesting. She put her drink down and skinned her top off over her head. Her white tits bounced free and she felt a shiver of excitement. The crotchband of her panties was already damp and as she swayed before the screen with her drink, she got wetter.

VG- Condition
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