LB-1338 The Virgin Learns To Love It by John Kellerman


LB Series: LB-1338
1987 : Original Cover Price: $4.95
First Line(s)

Jeanne lit the third candle and blew out the match. The moment she'd been waiting for all day had arrived at last. She was alone in her bedroom, the incense burning, the throbbing drums of a Haitian Voodoo ceremony going in the earphones clamped to her head and her door locked. Her dear parents thought she was studying or asleep.

She could remember her last glimpse of them as she'd gone upstairs, her father hunched over the dominoes waiting while her mother pondered which play to make. They seemed so old and dull to Jeanne, so out of touch. They watched her every move, told her how to wear her hair, how to dress, where to go and who to be with.

The Voodoo drumming made her shiver as she watched herself sway in the big mirror of her dresser. She wore nothing but her panties and a bra and it felt like sinning to have on so little. She'd been taught that one was only naked on the way to putting something else on. The long flannel nightgown she usually wore to bed was draped over the chair in case someone should knock on her door. But she was pretty certain she'd be undisturbed.

VG+ Condition
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