XXE-209 The Doll Maker by Marcia Marcoux


XXE Editions Series: XXE-209
1987 : Original Cover Price: $3.25
First Line(s)

Almost furtively, he glanced up and down the street before he closed, then locked, the door of his shop. This was the old part of San Francisco, the unchanging section where antique shops, pawnbrokers, bookbinders and cabinetmakers remained from year to year, as though they existed in a zone of timelessness. Yet even in this environment, Herman's shop seemed out-of-date. "Antiques and General Re pairs" announced the faded sign above the shop window. Herman snapped down a switch and the dim bulb, which had illuminated the sign, went out.

Herman was less than forty years old, yet, as he shuffled to the back of his shop, he gave the appearance of age. Perhaps it was because he dragged his leg, the crippled leg, or maybe it was the sag of his shoulders as he moved. He opened the small but heavy door at the back of his dusty store and stepped into another world. His own private world... The quilted door closed behind him and the gentle lights came on, bathing the pink walls, and the deeply piled rug, and the wide, luxurious bed... and... Herman moved to the side of the bed, his feet sinking into the soft floor-covering, and stared at her.

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