XXE-182 Lottery Girl by Rod Strong


XXE Editions Series: XXE-182
1987 : Original Cover Price: $3.25
First Line(s)

For the seventeenth time, Phyllis Arten turned over in her cold bed. She shivered with cold, wondering why the damn landlord felt it expedient to keep the heat so low at night. At twenty-nine, Phyllis was still unable to accustom herself to the cold winters in this city.

Life had dealt her one low blow after another ever since she'd met Bernie. Short, chunky, but solidly masculine, her ex-husband had driven his truck through Phyllis's home town one day, fifteen years earlier, when she had been a mere fourteen. Bernie had seemed so lovable and adorable, Phyllis had flipped over him. He'd spirited her away in his truck, taking the starry-eyed girl to the city, and there he'd married her and set up house in a sleazy five-room fleabag apartment house. And nine years later, Phyllis had divorced him, sent her eight-year-old daughter, Kerry, to elementary school and got a part-time job. Two years later, with Kerry in junior high, Phyllis got a full-time job and earned enough money to make up for the alimony payments Bernie never sent anymore.

VG Condition
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