CWS-289 Avenging Boyfriend by Howard Miller


Captive Woman Series: CWS-289
1985 : Original Cover Price: $3.50
First Line(s)

As Jason Bogart sat behind the wheel of his faded yellow pickup truck, he whistled a merry tune while anticipating the moment that was immediately at hand.

He was on the way to his girlfriend Ellen Stacy's apartment, the only woman the dark-haired construction worker had met in the last three years who really meant anything to him. Bogart curled his shaggy black mustache, wrinkled his almost perpetually furrowed brow, and started to lick his lips with salacious anticipation. He had just put in a long day under the broiling Arizona dessert sun on a condominium project in nearby Glendale, and off and on his concentration had been interrupted by thoughts of the voluptuous blonde beauty with the firm jutting breasts and long, well-tapered legs. Every time that her threshing delectably nude alabaster body loomed in his lust-craving mind, his always ready cock immediately stiffened inside the tight-fitting faded blue jeans that he always wore to work. By the middle of the afternoon it was all Bogart could do to keep his mind on his work. All he could think of was the welcome mellifluous sound of his foreman announcing that it was five o'clock and time to knock off for another day.

NF+ Condition
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