PND-0264 Black Orgies by D. David Davisson


Pendulum Books: PND-264
1969 : Original Cover Price: $2.95
Oversized Paperback.
First Line(s)

I first began this report as a simple memoranda to my superiors in the New Orleans Police Department, that dedicated group of officers upon whose zeal and efficiency the welfare of the entire city depends. But, as I became more deeply involved in the investigation which I was carrying out, I have found myself writing more to warn all the good citizens of the pitfalls which lurk at their very doorsteps.

And, I must confess, I write also to preserve the identity, and perhaps the very sanity, of myself, if some threatened dire consequences should overcome me very soon. But I shall do my duty,, come what may, and neither threats nor voodoo powers shall stop me from completing my mission. It has been strenuous, I will admit, and at times a bit frightening, but there have also been moments of pleasure so powerful as to stun the mind and numb the body, so one must not complain of a touch of bitterness among the sweets, non?

NF- Condition
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