WLP-130 Doing It With His Aunt by Jim Ferguson


Windsor Library Press: WLP-130
1974 : Original Cover Price: $2.25
First Line(s)

Laura Sullivan looked out the window at the house next door. There was no car in the driveway and she knew that Iris hadn't returned from her shopping trip. She wondered if Otis was in his workshop behind the garage, maybe making something on his jig-saw. It wouldn't take long to find out, she thought, hoping that she would find him there alone. She needed him. God, but she needed a man right now!

A thick and tall hedge cut off the view from the neighbors on the right and in the back. Laura gave thanks for that fact as she stepped down off the back porch. The Andersons had moved to California four months before, the old man retiring from the local brick factory and selling out to Otis and Iris Hoffman. It hadn't taken her long to get acquainted with the new neighbors. Both were in their late twenties and they didn't have any children. She and Iris had become quite friendly, but it was Otis and what he had to offer that she wanted right now.

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