LB-1097 Branded Niece In Bondage by Paul Gable


House Of Lords Book: LB-1097
1982 : Original Cover Price: $3.95
First Line(s)

Pamela Rudd looked over the top of the barbed wire curling at the edge of the fence. She smiled, letting out a soft sigh that faded into the night. She had come here to her uncle's ranch of her own free will to sort out her thoughts. Her widowed mother had more than approved of Pam's decision to spend some time in the open country with her uncle. It would take Pamela away from the dangerous influences of the Los Angeles streets, away from boys who were starting to notice her as a woman.

Leaning her forehead against the windowpane of the tool shed, Pam rubbed her fingers over her soft thighs. It felt so good to touch herself, so good to feel the gentle pressure of her fingers against her flesh. A man should be doing that. She had talked to some of the girls at school, and some of them told her how guys were built, how they acted when they... fucked a girl. There, she'd thought it, almost said it. Fucked! How her mother would blanch if she were to say that word aloud at home. "Only sluts and whores say that," her mother had once shouted when she overheard Pamela pronounce that word over the phone to one of her girlfriends.

VG+ Condition
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