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PAPERBACKS : Various & Miscellaneous Publishers. Just way too many to have in separate folders.

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AB-103 Teen Sex Club by Stanley Strick
Stanley Strick
AB-103 Teen Sex Club
AFP-3002 Non-Stop Orgy by George Esterville
George Esterville
AFP-3002 Non-Stop Orgy
AFP-3026 The Bikini Model by Fred Camden
Fred Camden
AFP-3026 The Bikini Model
API-120 Orgy Of Revenge by Robert Watson
Robert Watson
API-120 Orgy Of Revenge
APS-115 Campaign Promise by Paul Brinkley
Paul Brinkley
APS-115 Campaign Promise
B-507 Jennie by Unknown
B-507 Jennie
B-527 Elinor by Unknown
B-527 Elinor
BAR-5007 The Virgin Tomboy by Simone Suchler
Simone Suchler
BAR-5007 The Virgin Tomboy
BB-30111 Story Of O by Pauline Reage
Pauline Reage
BB-30111 Story Of O
BB-3015 A Gallery Of Nudes by J. Hume Parkinson
J. Hume Parkinson
BB-3015 A Gallery Of Nudes
BB-6495 The Debutante Whore by Cory Randolph
Cory Randolph
BB-6495 The Debutante Whore
BB-6526 Skin Flick Stud by Layne Joseph
Layne Joseph
BB-6526 Skin Flick Stud
BB-6564 Norma's Sex Life by Fred Hancock
Fred Hancock
BB-6564 Norma's Sex Life
BC-102&103 The Taming by Unknown [2 Paperbacks]
2 Paperbacks
BC-102&103 The Taming
BH-7074 Rape '70 by Gerald Summers
Gerald Summers
BH-7074 Rape '70
BH-7079 Exhibitionism '70 by Julius De Armond
Julius De Armond
BH-7079 Exhibitionism '70
BH-7143 Oral Sisters by Kyle McCambridge
Kyle McCambridge
BH-7143 Oral Sisters
BH-7202 Anal Baby-Sitters by H. Hadley Williams
H. Hadley Williams
BH-7202 Anal Baby-Sitters
BH-7290 The Head Virgin by Kip Cameron
Kip Cameron
BH-7290 The Head Virgin
BH-954 Sodom U.S.A. by Johnny Shearer
Johnny Shearer
BH-954 Sodom U.S.A.
Displaying 1 to 36 (of 300 products)

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