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TRIPLE-X-READER : FREE E-Reader Program!!


05/31/2021 : Still v 1.3... Only updated to point to this new combined D/L & Help Page.
01/21/2021 : Updated to v 1.3... Search NEW E-BOOKS ADDED Button!!

01-07-2021 : Updated to v 1.2... Upgraded Save Location for Paperback Render.
01-03-2021 : Updated to v 1.1... Upgraded Root Folder Selection Process

Read E-Books you've downloaded.
MULTIPLE Tabs can be opened.
Normal Text Mode... AND a Paperback-Render Mode!!
Cover Images auto-displayed! Zipped Images ALSO displayed!
Search your own inventory OR the site inventory... all from within the E-Reader itself!
NOTHING IS INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTER!!!  This is a Stand-Alone program.

WINDOWS-Based... designed specifically for TripleXBooks E-Books/Site; however, it will read any .txt file. There is a fairly robust Help/Notes Section below. You can download, and try out at your leisure. 100% FREE!!!

You can download the program----> <<<"HERE">>>

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This program will need access to the internet for the TripleXBooks site-search function. Also, program contains ZERO spam/scam/malware/adware/etc. A config file is created when you run the progam, this saves your root folder, personal settings, etc. NOTHING is installed on your computer! To remove, simply delete the program & config file. DONE!

*****************************SPECIAL NOTE *****************************
Windows 10 may have issues executing the program after download.
This is a "Windows Security" feature. Here's a possible workaround:

1. Click on START and type in "Windows Security" in the search box.
2. Click on the "
Windows Security" icon.
3. Click on the "
App & Browser Control" icon.
4. Ensure "
Check apps and files" is set to OFF.
5. Download the Triple-X-Reader.exe file from this page.
6. Double-click the program... Triple-X-Reader.exe.
7. A window security popup shoud appear. Ensure that you
    UNtick "
Always ask before opening this file."  Click RUN.
    The  program should now start successfully.
8. If you wish, you can now turn "
Check apps and files" back ON.
     Your settings would then be back to original.

If this works, as it did for me, you should now be able to run the program.
If you d/l a new revision, you may have to repeat this process.

******************************** END NOTE ********************************


Triple-X-Notes : Read-Me Help Info for TXB-Reader


Across the top you have the buttons/options of...

1. Next/Previous Cover (Small Cover Image)
2. Page Up/Down (Blue Double-Arrow Icon)
3. Browse Root Folder (Select your Root Folder)
4. Search ? - A little popup Help Guide (Blue Question-Mark)
5. Search Criteria Field (Blue Search Box)
6. Paperback Render - Toggle (Paperback Icon)
7. Paperback Width Setting (Paperback Render Mode ONLY)
8. Font Icon Larger 'A'
9. Font Icon Smaller 'A'
10. Help File Link (Opens THIS Readme File)

Then we have four main viewing panels...

A. Top-Left: ROOT DIRECTORY Pane : Your Root Directory of E-Books Tree
C. Lower-Left: COVER PREVIEW Pane
D. Lower-Right: TEXT DISPLAY (with Tabs) Pane


The basic FIRST step is to set-up your Root E-Book Directory.

There are now several ways to do this.

1. Manually type in your root folder path. Click Enter or Double-Click when completed.
2. Copy/Past your root folder path into the root path area. Enter or Double-Click to apply.
3. Use the "Browse Root Folder" icon to select your root folder.
4. From explorer, simply Drag-n-Drop your root directory into the "E-Books Directory" box.... directly above the Root Directory Window/Panel.

Depending on how many you have, it may take a sec or two for the Root Directory Pane to populate. Now you're pretty much all set. Below I will be further explaining the buttons/options & display fields.


Will be discussing the top buttons/options fields.


This button will go Forward/Back (Left-Click & Right-Click) for the two top panels (Root Directory & Search Results)... and the e-Book Tabs section. Applies to whichever panel/section you have focus on. You're able to scroll through (up or down) and get a preview of the cover image... double-clicking brings up a new TEXT DISPLAY Tab.

NOTE: You can also use your Up/Down arrow keys on the Keyboard and 'Enter' as a Double-Click.


2. "PAGE UP/DOWN" : Blue Double-Arrow Icon:

Left-Click on this and the text view will go down one page. Right-Click... up one page.

NOTE: You can also use your Page-Up/Page Down arrow keys on your keyboard.


3. Grey Square-ish Icon: Browse For Root Folder: Clicking this will bring up a browser window, you can select your root e-Books folder.


4. Blue Question Mark: Clicking on brings up a little help search guide. Also explained in detail below how the search works.


5. The Search Box:

Used to search your inventory... OR TripleXBooks inventory. It's not an 'advanced' search, but more than just a simple search. You can do explicit searches "Kathy Andrews" (no quotes... quotes are implied) and it will search the designated area for titles that have "Kathy Andrews" exactly! There is also an AND "/" and an OR "|" function. The AND means both searched words/phrases must appear in the title. An "OR" will return result of either searched for words/phrases.

Example 1 : Search for: Kathy/Andrews : searched for both "Kathy" and "Andrews"
Results: E-Books that have "Kathy" AND "Andrews" in the title are returned.

Example 2 : Search for: Kathy|Allison
Results: Any E-Book with "Kathy" OR "Allison" in the title are returned.

Play around with it. Not too difficult, I'm sure you'll figure it out. :)



Whatever you have in the search box... clicking your keyboard "Enter Key", clicking on "FIND E-BOOKS IN YOUR FOLDER", or Doulbe-Clicking the search text will search your designated e-Books folder(s) and return any matches.



Whatever you have in the search box... clicking "FIND E-BOOKS AT TRIPLE-X" will search TripleXBooks SITE for matches.

NOTE: Results from this search will be GREEN if you also have that title in your own inventory! Also, this additionally finds any hardcopy items that match the search criteria. If an E-Book, then the 'Source' folder will end in "(EB)". If "(EB)" is NOT present, then that item is not an E-Book. Double-clicking any item will display the 'details' of that item and/or the First Lines.



--Clicking once will search the most recent E-Books Updates.
--Right-Click this Button to bring up the LATEST E-BOOK DATES menu. Click which date to search.

NOTE: If the Search Textbox is empty, then ALL e-Books from the selected date are displayed. If the Search Textbox has search criteria, then the results returned are filtered by that specific search criteria.


6. Paperback-Render:

This is a toggle between Paperback-Render Mode & Normal Text Mode. Paperback-Render is an attempt to make the reading text area display as a paperback would. Paragraph indents, evening out all the lines, etc. This is NOT perfect, but does work pretty well. You can resize windows/screens/text-size/etc to get this to display best suited for your own reading preferences. Also, the program does attempt to keep you close to where you were within the text before changing the view. Most likley you'll be close enough that you'll see where you were right away. If not, just click page-up/page-down... you are most likly just one page away from where you left off.


7. Paperback Width Setting:

This will set the 'page' width when in Paperback-Render Mode. This setting has NO affect on the 'Normal' text view.


8. Font Icon LARGER 'A':

Here you can change the font & font size. This only affects NORMAL viewing mode.... this has no affect on Paperback-Render mode.


9. Font Icon SMALLER 'A'

Here you can change the font size only. Left-Clicking makes the font larger, Right-Clicking will make it smaller. This works for either Normal or Paperback-Render views.


10. TripleXNotes Help File

Clicking will bring up THIS (this file you're looking at right now!!) help/reademe file.


Next, we'll be discussing the Four Panels.

A. Top-Left: ROOT DIRECTORY Pane: These are YOUR e-Books. You can select the root folder by several methods, all described further above. Scroll through (cover images displayed) & double-click/enter to select the e-Book you wish. That selection will open a new tab in the Text Viewing section.

NOTE: There is also a Right-Click Sub-Menu

--New Active Tab: Opens selection & sets that tab as the active view.
--New Tab: Opens selection in a new tab, but current tab focus is unchanged.
--View Text: Opens up the selected text file your default .txt viewer.
--Cover: Opens up the cover .jpg with your default .jpg viewer.
--Images: If there is a zip of the illustrations [WITH IMAGES], then that images zip file is opened up.
--Open Folder: Opens up the selected file in your default File Explorer program.
--Find Series: Search conducted for that 'series'. Example: Say you right-click on "DBB-101 Reluctant Wives by Mandé Woljar"... a new search for "DBB-" is conducted.
--Find Author: Same as above, but for the author. Using the same example... a search for "Mandé Woljar" is performed.
--Find Words in Title: Conducts a search for all words of the selected work. Using the same example as before, clicking "Find Words in Title" will now do a new search for "Reluctant" OR "WIVES" and return results. Common words like "the" are omitted.


B. Top-Right: SEARCH RESULTS Pane: This is the results produced of your search (either searching your own inventory or the TripleXBooks online inventory). You can scroll through/select just as you do with the Root Directory pane. Remember... if you conduct a site search and any results also reside within your own inventory, then those will be highlighted GREEN.  Here's a list of the column headings:

--SOURCE: If your own directory is the searched source, then will say "ROOT".
                   If searching TripleX site, then will say either "Root/TripleX (EB)" or "Root/TripleX".
                   The (EB) means that it's an e-Book. No (EB) means NOT an e-Book.
--Series #: This is the Series Number... DUH!
--Title (xx): The title of the e-Book. The 'xx' is the number of hits your search found.
--Author: The author of the e-Book. What else did you think it'd be?
--Xtra Info: This is for "With Image", "With PDF", etc.
--Directory: This ALWAYS applies to your own directory. This is where that e-Book resides
                     on your pc. If you've searched the site, and a result is in green (meaning you
                     also have that e-Book in your own inventory), this will point you to where it resides
                     If you have more than one copy of the selection, then only one will be displayed.

NOTES: The same Right-Click Sub-Menu exists here as with the Root Directory... the exact same functions. Additionally, you can sort any column by clicking on that column header.


C. Lower-Left: COVER PREVIEW Pane: This, quite obviously, shows a preview of the .jpg cover image. Also, if there is a .zip images file, you can scroll through those images directly from this section too!!


D. Lower-Right: TEXT DISPLAY (with Tabs) Pane: This is the main e-Book reading window. You can scroll through, use Page-Up/Page-Down, etc. The E-Reader tabs can also be dragged & re-arranged as you desire. You can remove tabs by clicking the 'X' button.

NOTE: There is another Right-Click Sub-Menu here also. Most are the same as previously discussed; however there are a couple that are specific to this area.

--Restore Removed Tab: If you have accidentally removed/deleted a tab. You can restore with this feature.
--Copy: If you select text, you can copy it. Cntrl-C obviously does the same thing.


Miscellaneous/Additional Notes:

1a. Drag/Drop ANY .txt file to the viewable text area...that file is loaded into that tab. The previous tab is REPLACED with this new selection.
1b. Drag/Drop ANY .txt file directly on top of an existing tab. A NEW tab is now created directly to the left of the selected tab..
1c. Drag/Drop ANY .txt file onto the black area of the e-Book tabs area. The new e-Book tab is created furthest right.

NOTE: For any of the above... this also works for dragging selections directly from the Root Folder or Search Results panels.

2. Panels are resizable... to a point. Change to suit your preference!
3. For most Panels... Home/End, Ctrl-Home/Ctrl-End, Page-Up/Page-Down... these keyboard functions work as one would expect.
4. Double-Clicking the TripleXBooks Banner will take you to the site.


Tough to put absolutely everything in this help form... but I believe I covered most options/details. Play around with it, let me know what you think!! If enough people use this program, find it useful, I do have some ideas in the works to make it even better... perhaps even adding to your online cart directly from within the program!! So, if you use this program, find that you like & and do utilize, please let me know!!

A minimum order of $5.00 is required before checking out.

'Disable' this popup by clicking the button below. All future 'add to carts' will happen without any notification and you'll stay exactly where you are. To view your cart, just click on the 'Cart Contents' in the upper right.