TripleXBooks (TXB) Information & Updates Page...

10-16-2020 : Categories view menu has been greatly modified/enhanced. Should make for
                          much MUCH easier browsing. Feel free to let me know what you think!!

09-22-2020 : DISCREET CREDIT CARD (CC) CHECKOUT is now in place! Discreet means that
r CC provider will NOT receive any itemized list of purchased products. Since these
                          titles can be of a senstive/personal nature, I feel that any other party being privy to
                          your reading preference is neither warranted nor justified. Your CC provider will only
                          see "E-Books"... even if you ordered hardcopies. This did take some work, some
                          ingenuity, and a healthy dose of Magic Fairy Dust!! I hope everyone loves the automatic
                          discreet checkout!!  Faster & discreet for you,  easier for me with no manual processing.
                          WIN-WIN for all!! :)

08-17-2020 : I've started individually listing my approximately 5,000 hardcopy books... this
                          will take 3-4 months to complete. Please be patient. I have also disabled the
'updating' of the "What's New" area... this way e-Books stay more prominently
                          displayed. Also, I've sold off my entire Greenleaf Bondage House books... the Pet
                          Books series may be next. So, if interested... now is the time to act!!

08-12-2020 : Completed e-Books update. 420 New Acquisitions added!!
                           You can offline browse by going "HERE" & downloading.
                           If you'd like to be notified via email when updates occur, please
                           ensure you've enabled the 'Newseltter' feature of your account.


08-10-2020 (Updated 09-25-2020): Welcome to the NEW & UPDATED TripleXBooks!!!

The new site is LIVE!! If you notice a problem, please let me know. I cannot resolve issues I'm unaware of. Also, site is not 100% 'finished'. There's quite a bit more I do wish to accomplish... it's going to continue to get even better... STAY TUNED!!

Here are some bullet-points about the 'changes' and other information:

***Site is now on a DEDICATED Server. Should be much more fast & responsive.

***Site should be more MOBILE FRIENDLY! Meaning that the site will display/navigate better for most devices... phones, ipads, etc. Won't be the case for all devices... but MOST!

***Categories have been changed/modified slightly. I've tried to include 'Pet', 'Family', 'Gay', B/D S/M, etc. titles into appropriate subfolders. Not perfect, but should better assist in searches.

***Addendums made to some e-Books annotating GAY INTEREST, LESBIAN, BI-SEXUAL, CROSS-DRESSING, etc. Again, this is not perfect... I'm sure many titles that fall into these addendum categories have not been modified. This is a work-in-progress and may never be fully completed.

***The e-Books have been COMPLETELY re-uploaded! The previous ransomware issue had removed corrections & upgrades that I'm always conducting. This way I'm now sure that all e-Books are CLEAN & GOOD!!

***Customer database/orders did NOT transfer... EVERYONE has to create a new account. The "You've Previously Purchased" feature still exists, but will obviously not have any old records. I do have a solution, but will require individual customers to rectify. Here's the process...

     1. Create an account & verify your email.
     2. Using old order emails as a guide, re-add e-Books to your cart.
     3. Complete re-adding & then checkout using the Check/MO option.
     4. Put in the 'notes' section that these were Previously Ordered e-Books.
     5. Finalize the order.
     6. I'll receive order, verify previously ordered, & mark as paid.
     7. You'll once again have the e-Books available for download.

***Due to the old-site previous ransomware issue (& corrupted inventory), hardcopies (other than a select few) had to be removed. I have begun the monumental task of relisting individually. I suspect it will be at least 3-4 months before completed. Until then, I have put together an excel listing that you can download and make selections. You can view the ad here--->>>PAPERBACK LISTS.

Overall, I believe the changes are beneficial for everyone. Please read further updates/information below.

Questions/comments... please feel free to email me


Common Questions & Answers:

Q: I'm not familiar with your e-Books. Can you explain further?

A: All E-Books consist of AT LEAST two files... txt & jpg. These files are not 'protected' in any way. Many programs will open/read. The .jpg file is an image file of the paperback cover. The .txt is the actual story.

Some e-Books have additional files... typically for illustrated books. Usually there is a zip file containing these images and the .txt file has been annotated in such a manner so you'll know where each image appears in the actual book. Some other e-Books may have a pdf file and at least one e-Book has a doc file. Once again, none of these are proprietary.


Q: Can you explain the pricing system for your e-Books?

A: The more you buy, the less you pay!! All discounts are automated. Here's the breakdown:

# Of E-Books                    Price Per E-Book
 01-09............................... $2.00 Each (No Discount)
 10-24............................... $1.70 Each
 25-49............................... $1.65 Each
 50-74............................... $1.60 Each
 75-99............................... $1.55 Each
 100-249..........................  $1.50 Each
 250-499..........................  $1.25 Each
 500++++........................ $1.15 Each

Discounts disabled during sale times.


Q: Why can't I order just one e-Book?

A: TXB doesn't operate for free. I've found that allowing single e-Book purchases is just not economically feasible. A $5 minimum order is in place. However, only 3 e-Books puts you over the threshold!


Q: What is the shipping price for hard-copy listed items... or the ones in your Excel files?

A: For USA buyers, the price you see listed (or negotiated) is the TOTAL price you pay. Nothing extra for shipping. For NON-USA residents I do ask that you email me first before making hardcopy purchases. Unfortunately it does cost a bit more to ship outside the US borders and I simply cannot 'eat' this cost.


Q: What types of payment are accepted?

A: TXB currently accepts the following payments:

---Credit Card (DISCREET CHECKOUT!!!) - Visa/MC/Disc: Choose this option upon checkout, fill out the requested info, and finalize checkout. By 'Discreet', I mean that your CC provider will not get an itemized list of what you've specifically ordered... only that you've ordered E-Books. I see no reason why they should have this sensitive purchasing information.
GA Online Books" is the charge you see on your statement.

NOTE: If Gift Card, & no CCV numbers present... just make up 3-digits for that field. It should process.

---E-Check for USA customers. E-Checks are NORMAL checks, just of the online variety. Simply fill out the required fields and continue. You'll see "GA Online Books" on your bank statement for the charge. Here's the list of fields to be filled out when using e-Check.

     NAME: Must match exactly as on file with your bank.
     BANK NAME: Example:X: Wells Fargo.
     ROUTING NUMBER: These are ALWAYS 9-Digit numbers.
     ACCOUNT NUMBER: Between 8-17 digits. Leading zeros must be included.

  NOTE: Just like real checks... e-Checks can bounce. So, here are the rules I have in place.

  1. For first time e-Check users, and under $20, I will mark as paid as soon as I see the order. Please do not make any further orders until the e-Check has cleared... if another order placed, there will be a delay.

  2. For those that have had previously successful e-Check orders, all future orders will be marked as paid as soon as I see them. This is usually nearly immediate!

  3. For any bounced e-Check, I will try to contact via email, then phone. If cannot contact, or get the situation resolved, then account will be removed and your IP blocked.

---Cash/Checks/MO's. (10% Discount!!!) Payment address supplied upon checkout.

---BitCoin. I do have a BitCoin wallet. If desiring BitCoin payment, then please email me. If you need a bitcoin site to look at, then try googling 'Coinbase'.

---VENMO is also an option. It's similar to Paypal in that you need a linked bank account. For those familiar and wishing to utilize, please email me.

---Lastly, for orders over $50, I've one other POPULAR online payment system available. However, I'm not able to mention in this FAQ. If interested, please feel contact via email.


Q: Is the checkout process secure?

A: Yes!  TripleXBooks mose certainly has secure checkout... along with other security measures. Also, TXB does not retain any payment data. If hacked, there simply is nothing to retrieve!


Q: Do I have to create an account to download e-Books?

A: YES, an account is needed.  To be blunt, this avoids many problems... I won't bother boring you with the details.  Believe me though, it all works MUCH better this way.  Have no worries, as stated in my 'Privacy Policy', TXB will NEVER sell, share, or give away any of your personal information!!


Q: How do I download my purchased e-Books?

A: Please follow these steps:

1. After payment submitted, ensure you are logged into your account.
2. Use the pull-down menu of the 'My Account' option in the upper right-ish.
3. Click the "My Orders" option.
4. Click the "View" option for the appropriate order.  Please allow time to load all your items.
5. You should now be able to download from there... either individually or all at once... bottom link.

Note: If sending check/MO, then follow these steps after I've emailed you that I've received payment.


Q: I'm having a problem with retrieving my downloads.  What now?

A: If you've not been able to download via the afore-mentioned steps.  DON'T WORRY!!  Use the 'Contact Us' link located at the bottom right of every page and send me a message.  Buyers ALWAYS get their products!!


Q: I can't read the e-Books... no paragraphs, all run together, etc... what now?

A: Sometimes, when opening in notepad, the 'format' can be lost. Typically opening up in wordpad works... all is fine. Just copy all, and then paste back into original notepad file, should work great. Also, for notepad, ensure that 'Word Wrap' is enabled. :)


Q: What is this Email Verification System?

A: For a variety of reasons, there is an Email Verification System in place. You must complete this verification before your account can be fully created. Here's the process:

1. Fill out the fields of the new account area... name, address, etc.
2. After submitting, you'll see the Your Account Has Been Created page; however, you'll also see a message stating that a message has been sent to the email account you provided.
3. Please now check your email. There will be a link in there to click/verify.
4. Click that link, you're then taken to the completed verification page.
5. At this point you're done. You can now log-in to the site, places orders, etc.

If you do not receive the verification email, please check your SPAM/TRASH folders. If still having issues, please do not hesitate to email me directly at


Q: I've sent you an inquiry (or used the password recovery) and have not heard back.  Is there a problem?

A: I always respond to emails.  Unfortunately I've found that many times my responses get kicked back as undeliverable for one reason or other.  If that's the case, then I try to respond via my personal email account.  If still being kicked back, then I use my site messaging system to notify customers of the issue.

Other times messages do seem to go through, no notice that they could not be sent.  So, please check to see the email did not go into your trash or spam folders, and that you've not 'blocked' unknown emails... especially if you've used the password recovery option.  Again, I
ALWAYS respond to inquires/problems.


Q: What is that "Newsletter" deal when signing up?

A: It is mainly a means by which I keep customers updated when new e-Books are added to the site inventory. Also, if something REALLY important needs to be relayed, I may occasionally use the Newsletter for advising customers.

If you did not enable this when you signed up, but wish to do so now, you can access from your "My Account" page.


Q: Do you buy real books?

A: Sometimes. I typically trade e-Books for real books... good trade ratio. Occasionally I do purchase collections. Feel free to shoot me a message, maybe we can work out a deal beneficial to both of us. :)


NOTE:  It is understood that the vast majority of the e-Books listed here (and elsewhere) are from since defunct publishing houses... and most likely are now orphaned.  With this many e-Books, it's obviously impossible to be 100% sure of them all.  If something here is in question, then please send a note.