Conditions of Use

Just a few LEGAL-ish things. For succinctness, TripleXBooks has been shortened to TXB.

1. Customers MUST be 18 years of age or older (if applicable) to browse and/or purchase merchandise hosted on TXB.

2. All illustrations, drawn-art, cover images, etc., are either in compliance with or exempt from 18 U.S.C. § 2257.

3. All e-Book listings are of previously existing/published paperback works. As a matter of policy, NONE of these are extensively screened (if at all). TXB does not accept, nor seeks out, submissions by new authors or works that were not already previously published paperbacks.

4. TXB has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for any works depicting infants/newborns in 'adult' situations. While a firm believer in Free Speech & The First Amendment, TXB has drawn it's own line concerning this genre. However, since TXB does not —and cannot— fully screen each and every title, TXB does remove when found. If you are aware of any title/work that crosses this line, please use the "Contact Us" form to notify.

5. It is the customer's responsibility to know his or her own local "obscenity" laws. For USA residents, it is SETTLED LAW that merely owning 'obscene' materials is 100% completely legal! Other countries/locales may have zero obscenity laws at all, or be way more strict. Do your own research for where you reside.

6. TXB reserves the right to change inventory, pricing, site layout, etc. without notice or warning.  TXB, however; will typically update the FAQ page concerning any changes that may affect buyers. TXB has a robust FAQ page that answers many questions and keeps customers up-to-date about what changes may or may not be taking place.

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