E-Credits FAQ

TripleXBooks Presents... E-CREDITS!!!

I've done my utmost to ensure E-Credit use is easy & intuitive. However, for those less computer literate, I have also put this E-Credits FAQ together. If you cannot figure something out on your own, then any questions you may have are probably addressed below. If not, send me an email and I'll answer and likely add to this FAQ. I'm human and it's certainly possible I missed something. Thank God my job isn't writing instruction manuals!!!


Q: What are E-Credits?

A: E-Credits can be used to 'purchase' E-Books. 1 E-Credit = 1 E-Book. There are three E-Credit packages available... Gold, Silver, & Bronze.


Q: What's the difference between using E-Credits versus buying E-Books normally?

A: Couple things.

Firstly: E-Credits are CHEAPER than normal tiered pricing. YOU SAVE MONEY!

Secondly: You can now 'purchase' E-Books SINGLY with E-Credits! Normal processing requires a minimum of three E-Books in your cart before checkout allowed.


Q:  I don't plan on using E-Credits. How does this new feature affect me?

*** NOTE: Great info below whether utilizing E-Credits or not!!

A: You STILL get new features!!!

--If not using E-Credits, you'll then just have an E-Queue Cart to use however you wish... perhaps utilize as a 2nd Fave Cart, maybe put your favorite author there, whatever you'd like... or just not use at all.

--If you've previously purchased e-Books, then that Gold Coin Icon (on product Gallery/List view) will change to a Red-on-Black Download Icon (regardless of how you paid... either E-Credits or normal payments). You can download again right from the List/Gallery product views! You won't have to go to your previous orders pages to retrieve.

*** NOTE: Same as always, system will not allow the same title to be in more than one cart... also, hardcopies are not allowed in the E-Queue.


Q: What are all these symbols & numbers... like the Coins?

A1: For Product Gallery/List View... All e-Books now have FOUR options/icons versus previous three. These are...

  A. Eyeball Icon: "VIEW"... clicking brings up item specifics page for that title.
  B. Heart Icon: "FAVORITES" Cart... same as before... click to add/remove to your Fave Cart.
  C. Coins Icon: "E-QUEUE" Cart... click to add/remove to your E-Queue Cart. This 'Coin' changes to a
Red-On-Black download icon if previously purchased (E-Credits or Normal)
  D. Cart Icon: "NORMAL" Cart... exactly same as before... click to add/remove to your Checkout Cart.

A2: There are also new icons/numbers in the Pink-Bar (upper right-ish). These are...

  1. COINS: This simply indicates E-Credit/Queue info section.
  2. NUMBER TO RIGHT OF COINS: This is how many E-Credits you have in your account.
  3. NUMBER IN PARENTHESES: Displays how many E-Books you have in you E-Queue Cart.
  ----This trio (coins/number/parentheses) is just one link... takes you to your E-Queue Cart.

*** Note 1: It's allowed to have more items in E-Queue than you have E-Credits. However, if you "Select" (from within the E-Queue cart) more E-Books than you have E-Credits, the system will not allow checkout.

*** Note 2: You can also access E-Queue via links in the "BUY E-CREDITS AND SAVE" teaser ad area too.


Q: How do I purchase E-Credits?

A: Pretty simple. See the "BUY E-CREDITS AND SAVE" message advert? Click on the "Purchase E-Credit Package". That'll take you to a page where you can select between three options... Gold, Silver & Bronze. Click on the one you want for further details (if desired)... add to cart, checkout & pay.

***NOTE: You might wish to move any E-Books that may be in your cart to either your Fave or E-Queue Carts. You're buying E-Credits to get E-Books more cheaply... so obviously makes sense to move them out first. :)


Q: OK, I've purchased E-Credits... what now? How do I use them & download?

A: Just follow these steps...

  1. Continue adding E-Books to your E-Queue until you're ready to finalize/checkout.
  2. Click on your E-Queue Cart (the coin area of the Pink Bar). You're now in your E-Queue Cart.
  3. Select (Checkmark) the E-Books you'd like to purchase via E-Credits. You can also "Select All".
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Green Bar... "
Apply E-Credits to Selected and Download".
  5. You should then IMMEDIATELY see a popup asking where you wish to download the zip file of your selections. Save zip and YOU'RE DONE!


Q: How do I view previous E-Credit Packages I've purchased?

A: There are actually three links present to access this. 

  1. Below "BUY E-CREDITS AND SAVE", you'll see "E-Credits History". This will take you to the E-Credits History page.
  2. Just above on the "BUY E-CREDITS AND SAVE, you'll see "E-Credits". This also takes you to there.
  3. You can also use the Customer-Name Pull-Down menu... this history link is present there as well.


Q: I've lost E-Books previously purchased via E-Credits. How do I re-download?

A: To re-download you can simply click to view your "E-Credits History" (explained above). This history page also contains a list of previously ordered E-Books purchased via E-Credits. You can select and re-download from here.

FYI: You can also click on the "My E-Books (ALL)" sub-menu of 'your name'. This combines all e-Book purchases into one place. It doesn't matter if purchased via credits or normal checkout.



FINAL NOTE:  Implementing, testing & troubleshooting E-Credits was a huge endeavor. Hence why a separate FAQ page. Also, I may have missed something during testing. So, if you spot a problem, please email me and advise. I will rectify ASAP.

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